Hard is not hard, or just 

Not hard enough 

Trying is not trying, 

If I'm not trying hard enough 

Happy is not happy, 

If you aren't happy enough 

And sad is not sad, 

If I'm sad enough 

But enough is enough 

And I say I've had enough 

Loving you is not loving you, 

Because I guess I don't love you enough 

What is enough?

What is it to you?

I know what it is to me

I've tried, but I guess not hard enough 

And even though I know I'm done

Even though I know we are done, 

I still can't help but love you enough 


  • burning-embers

    What a dilemma. All too often seen i'm afraid. Seems the guy is coasting with you/using you because if he were in love with you he would be sensitive to your needs. On the other side of the pain of walking away from him will be a wiser, bigger person, who is more aware of your worth. The right one is out there.

    • Brie

      Thank you for that. <3

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