Frank Prem

a swallow of shadows

every morning

the tree of the edge

of the stream


from first light

to dark


grows its shadows


like children

hidden inside the bark


beneath the leaves


as each day meanders

until the sun falls

from its circumnavigation

of the sky



by one

the shadows lengthen




by one




from trunk

to ground


from each individual leaf

down and then

to the water


the stream

ripples past delightedly

in its bed



every moment

is new water

flowing past


and as each darkness


the water




takes it in

and takes it down



in the morning

the swallowing



and the tree

in the early

new sun


so much lighter



the shadow work



while the stream

cannot stop

its gentle laughter

and new water


the new water

rolls clean



  • Michael Edwards

    The word that comes to mind is uplifting - great write Frank.

    • Frank Prem

      Thanks Michael. I'll be interested in other reactions, as I thought the element of the shadows might have associated with darkness, but I'm thinking you've responded more to the water element.

      I don't really have a good way to anticipate which way some of these will be read.

    • orchidee

      A fine write F. Surprisingly maybe (British weather!) some days we may have to cross the road to walk on the shady side, if it's too hot!

      • Frank Prem

        I suspect there is a whole exploration available to look at the differences between shade and shadow. Could be an interesting undertaking, but not tonight LOL.

        I'm glad you enjoyed the piedc and hope you can always walk in the shade on the hot ones.

      • burning-embers

        Your words took me to the edge of the stream and i was smiling at the beautiful scenery. "Like children hidden inside the bark" is such a wonderful line. "Begins the shadow work again". Frank there is so much magic in this piece - it goes straight into my favourites. It's masterful. Love your layouts but, because of the gentle subject here, your layout really enhances your words.

        • Frank Prem

          Thank you so much BE. Yours is a wonderful response to the piece. Thank you.

        • Damaged Soul/Kindred Spirit

          This is better than National Geographic. Each day I tune in and read the wonders composed by this man, and no cable TV bill! Wonderful

          • Frank Prem

            Sets up a challenge for tonight's reading, hey? We'll have to see what pops up, R. Thank you.

          • JaneEVE

            excellent - I loved visualizing the shadows and time of day [ one
            by one the shadows lengthen] then as the sun moves the shadows join with rivers edge .
            Thank you for read :)

            • Frank Prem

              My great pleasure Jane. I'm very pleased you enjoyed it so well.

            • Fay Slimm

              Gentle as ripples of laughter these lines open a vista where shadows are children darkness drinks flowing water - a pleasure to read such expressive reflection on nature Frank.

              • Frank Prem

                Hi Fay. Well yours is the latest in a wonderful group of responses. Thank you so much. I'm very pleased at the success of the piece.

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