A Story in Silence

Though times have certainly changed,

It still carries with it a stigma,

An opinion for many remains the same,

Soon she'll deal with this enigma.


Listen while being told in silence,

By a young girl the age of 14,

Her eyes tell a story of violence,

 A tragedy she cannot escape or flee.


Until now a life of ease and comfort,

Not ever did she want for anything,

Setting goals with her family's support,

Enjoying every day her life as a teen.


making friends was never a worry,

Popular with all of the boys,

Going steady she was in no hurry,

Though, she took a liking to Troy.


He was a popular boy in her clique,

Comprised of jocks and cheerleaders,

Noticing her interest real quick,

He instantly set his sights on her.


Troy a few years her elder,

Began to show his interest,

Home from school he'd drive her,

His behavior at it's best.


Finally after asking many times,

She decided to say yes,

unprepared for who she'd find,

With a yes to his request.


That he could take her on a date,

Friday was that fateful night,

That forever she would hate,

And a memory she would fight.


the night started smooth,

Dinner and a movie done,

they parked, he acted lude,

Gone now was the fun.


He forcefully persisted,

With no for an answer,

She fought and resisted,

But relenting was faster.


Not a word spoken since,

A month had now past,

With a period missed,,

This secret hit fast.


These dark days for Mary,

For her were real rough,

Eight months she'd carry,

Keeping it secret was tough.


The decision was here,

The time to deliver,

Reluctant with fear,

She drove to the river.


Waist deep in the water,

Her pain hard to bear,

She gave birth to a daughter,

thinking this so unfair.


She held her for a moment,

A name, she decided on Bree,

Knowing her life she has stolen,

Crying as she let her go free.


Watching with tears in her eyes,

Her daughter float down stream,

Looking up angrily to the sky,

"Why?" over and over she screamed.


The drive home in shock and numb,

From this horrific judgement day,

Sure retribution for she will come,

Ending her daughter's life this way.



  • burning-embers

    Truly almost too gobsmacked to comment, had to sit back a minute. Very strong disturbing story well told by you. Shocking ending works very well. Life's a bitch - then you die.

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