The Letter You Never Wrote

Its about the letter that you never wrote
Before mentioning it you had to clear your throat
What I heard you say I can not quote
If only I could push play back on a remote
To me the meaning of your words did connote
What I always dreamed you would denote
I shared everything with you my whole being I did devote
I thought if I had you near everything would stay afloat
While I failed to look after all that was rocking the boat
Things like parenting my child & paying the house banknote
I admit I was sick with it blind to all things unless you they would promote
I tried to save you at the same time I sank my own lifeboat
I'm responsible for me im not placing blame or using you as my scapegoat
I had the option to tell you to move around and its your ass you need to tote
Not just a little smitten for you no my mind body & soul completely smote
As soon as you were free to be it was me you chose to demote
I did feel betrayed and dismayed by you becoming a turncoat
I dont know why it wasn't like on me you ever really did dote
I never could understand how you would leave me out in the cold & not offer me a coat
Do you feel you got enough of what you needed in order to sew your oat
If my love could only run through your veins like water as it fills a moat
If only I could be something more than the one who hangs on the tale of your coat
On that day I knew you were going away I felt I'd been served the antidote
But still I often wanted to talk to you and  at times i even  wrote
I knew your # but never sent you the note
22***-009 will you tell me again speaker of the keynote
All there is in the meaning of what I can not quote
Will you push the playback button on the remote
Say it again after you clear your throat
It's about the letter you never wrote


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