The Healing

I know what it is

I bring to the table.

So trust me,

I’m not afraid to eat alone.


One of the greatest lessons 

I have learned in life,

is to leave the table,

when love is no longer being served.


At one point,

I thought I needed you

to tell me you loved me.

But what I really needed,

was to just love myself.


I refuse to ever find

my worth in a man again.

I learned that I need to find

the worth within myself.

And then find a man

who’s worthy of me.


 Listen, I know that my soul

is very difficult to deal with.

But I will never remove

any more jewels from my crown,

Just so that it's easier for

a man to carry.


I am humble enough

to know I’ve got a ton of flaws.

But wise enough to know

my heart is pure.

And my spirit is as good

as they come.


We all go through unspeakable things.

Every one of us had a chapter,

or two,

or three, in my case that 

they don’t read aloud.


But I've learned to,

let it hurt.

Let it bleed.

Let it heal,

and then let it go.


Because you cannot heal in the same

environment where you got sick.


Close some doors if you need to. 

Not because of pride,

incapacity or arrogance.

But because they no longer

lead you somewhere.


it takes time


  • Stumped

    I love this. I think it really shows that we should stop slaving away for love and find it in ourselves. And then have an equal relationship.

    • kbreinich

      It's a difficult road to get to that point but once you make it. There is no turning back. Thank you for your kind words.

    • david

      Well stated. Well lived and well stated. Thank you.

      • kbreinich

        No, thank you for your words. I appreciate it.

      • burning-embers

        Great. Really well written and powerful. Verses two and four work as very powerful stand alone pieces you know. Being short and punchy they get more attention and encourage reflection - human nature. Really good stuff

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