Its a Sad World

I see people fighting and hating

I hear friends gossip on one another

Religion comes up, we argue instead of debating

We can forget the BS now and come together


All these people full of anger

Their sexist, racist, and anti-homosexual

You should love thy neighbor

Its okay to beat girls like a damn vegetable?


Life's a test we shouldn't be here to misbehave!

Seems everyone is blind and lost their dignity!

We all end up in the same place, the grave...

Don't you get it? Money cant buy you life in eternity!


The worlds becoming tired and trembled

Littering and rebuilding on Gods home for us

War makes everything worse, lives crumbled

Music heard on the radio all about drugs, money, and lust


We all have a lesson to be learned

Im only one person, I cant change things on my own

I've got God in my heart, its what I've earned

Now Id like to teach you what I've been shown


  • Its Raskolnikov

    Love is always the answer, I agree.

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