M. Mohon

I Wish I Didn't Care


That’s it! I’ve had enough!
I can’t be silent anymore!
I’ve tried to keep my mouth shut so long
Now I’m falling to the floor.


Damn your eyes! Are you that stupid?
Please tell me that you’re kidding.
He tells you things you want to hear
Then turns and brings you to your knees.


YOU wanted out!  I made it happen!
Now you throw it all away?
You’re falling back into old habits
That could put you in the grave!


No, I won’t sit and watch it happen!
I think I’ve done that long enough!
You call me up when you are fighting
And he starts to get real rough.


I just can’t do what you are asking!
Yes, it’s your life, I know that.
Even so, the whole situation
Makes my mental state collapse.


You say you don’t know what you’re doing!
Well I see it crystal clear!
You feel you love that cheating bastard
Who beat your ass for three damn years!


So run back into those arms
that left you bleeding on the ground.
When no one else would even listen
I would always be around.

You wouldn’t let me touch him
and I did just as you said.
I held back, but now I’m thinking
I should have smashed his fucking head!


Take your memories I cherish,
Rip them apart and let them burn!
You won’t listen to the reason.
Will you ever fucking learn?!


To hell with being pleasant!
This is what you need to hear!
I know it won’t do any good
Every word falls on deaf ears.


So read these words and take a hint.
He lies with every word he speaks.
But you’re so stubborn and goddamn blinded
That everything he spits you eat!


I see it’s hopeless but I’m still trying
To save you from yourself.
I never cared about that piece of shit!
I’m worried about your health!


I am your friend above all else!
But if you want to cast me out,
I pray he be a load for four
Before the year is out.



  • Lost at the beginning

    So much frustration and passion, although I don't understand the last 2 lines of the last stanza. Overall I love this poem, the passion just screams at you. Very good writing.

    • M. Mohon

      Thank you. The last two lines are an Irish curse that he be carried to his grave.

    • Its Raskolnikov

      You love them but are mad, makes sense, I've been there

    • burning-embers

      Great outpouring of anger. Aimed at self or a friend there is validity. Im guessing the last verses 'a load for four' refers to pall bearers - those who carry a coffin. Good stuff, does he know how you feel?

      • M. Mohon

        Thank you. Yes that is what the last two lines refer to and both he and her know how I feel about him.

      • Q

        Powerful indeed. It is true that you can never truly hate someone until you've loved them first.

      • Tony36

        Wonderful write. well written and expressed

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