Sleep In Your Exhale

I catch your sigh from
feathered breaths
as I taste the sweetness
from your vertical smile,

stars glisten in passion puddles
along your skin revealing
Rembrandt perfection
racing along every curve,

I scribe Elysian calligraphy
tornado tickles from
oscillating tongue torques
your third eye screams
braille telepathy,

melting the auric nectar
repository I have hunted
for flood me with your 

honey drenched baptism
leave you floating in a
butterflies hover,

as your flower blooms
reaching for my majestic cock
pull me in we merge
as nomadic galaxies
lost in the mirage of a
hedonistic playground,

wilt to rise as I enter
gently rotating like
a whispering zephyr,

twist and sliver my back
imbed your nails deep
igniting my thrust with
growls of fuck me harder

deeper all the way give
it to me my lover
slay my womanhood,

seismic rumbles part
your sea of tranquility
your geyser begins to spasm,

clasp my bravado wrap
those legs guiding me into
the hilt piston plunging
fuchsia disintegration,

filling tickling every sensuous
cranny with my virility
humming along with
your labored groove
slaying all innocence
so I may feast on the
lustful harpy backscratching
the threshold of your implosion.

 Copyright © 2017 Whisperingquill.All Rights Reserved


  • FredPeyer

    Wow! Like the whole thing, but absolutely love this one:
    Rembrandt perfection
    racing along every curve

    • whisperingquill

      Yeah I had to really think on that line 🍻

    • Tony36

      Wow, just simply wow

      • whisperingquill

        Thank you Tony long time no see bro

        • Tony36


        • Adri

          Amazing, passionate, loved it.

        • whisperingquill

          Thank you JaneEVE yours is pretty magnanimous also 😜

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