Heart breaks

She says I'm a cheater
But I've never cheated it
She says she's not a believer
So she's not going to believe it
But all the shit I said to her I hope she know that I really mean it
Maybe she wants me to go on this booth and start screaming it
Or maybe start whispering it in her ear when she's asleep so she can start dreaming it
What can I do for her so she can know that everything I do and say to her is a true meaning
I'm starting to think
She wanna cut with me
And the Love she said she had for me was just to fuck around with me
She probably don't even care about me
Like how I care about her
Man fuck Love it hurts
I just wish life was simple
But things always seem to get complicated
And I really fucking hated
I'm done getting faded
I just wanna be sober forever
And let the pain kill me instead
Sometimes I think I was better off being alone
But I always fall back in the same fucking zone
Why do I always have to go through tough parts
Why does every single girl I'm with always wanna ruin my life and break my heart
I'm not a bad dude
I mean I think I'm not
And fuck , 
Man fuck this pain inside me
So much adrenaline running through my veins
I can't stand it
I'm just done with all the bullshit
And if it ain't real
It ain't legit
So fuck love and all this shit
I don't wanna live to see another day
I'm sorry
Nope I can't stay
I'm sorry
Just make sure you tell my whole family that it's to late
I'm sorry





  • onepauly

    I'm sorry too

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