An individual in a collective sea.

It's good seeing behind the ego and the facade,
the temporary decoration of individual choice covering the source, the god.

We're more a feeling than a thought but not all of us want self awareness
some would rather be background workings, role-plays and societal knots.

Each an individual working, like a wire stemming from a power center,
do we realise that we - each connected, are actually working together,

Individuation is choice but we're still working for the collective like a
raindrop in pouring weather, streaming through the sea of the collective,
we can be as heavy as bricks or as light as a feather.

With more awareness of pain we will receive a little more pleasure so
each water droplet from a chunk of frozen consciousness treat it like an
ancient treasure because diamonds are connected to pressure and you don't
have to be either oppressed or your own oppressor.



  • onepauly

    together we stand and stand again. great work!

    • laralove

      <3 thank you

    • Poetic Dan

      This sings with every word
      The feeling of connection
      So beautifully done
      You've answered my thoughts
      Without knowing the question
      What truth is in the rest of your work
      I hope to see more after this treasure

      • laralove

        <3 Thank you, I'm happy to have helped answer your thoughts.
        hope you can find some more you resonate with

        • Poetic Dan

          Yeah! Like every single one.
          I may not know art but...

        • Q

          well done! This has a depth to it that opens the mind.

          • laralove

            thank you! :) I'm glad it could have that effect

          • Louis Gibbs

            I admire the depth expressed in this poem. Excellent, thoughtful piece, laralove!

            • laralove

              Thank you!:')

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