Maybe It's Just The New Hat

Walking through the town of Rochdale, getting smiles left, right and centre. This made me wonder, as the stern faced, unapproachable guy that I am, why are people smiling at me. Maybe it's because I have a child with me, a small human known as Eli, yes Eli not Ellie or Elli. This makes me wonder why people would smile at me, presuming that I am a father of this child. What do people think? I'm a struggling single father going through life, against all odds, surviving with this kid? Maybe they see him as innocence, which many adults can't say they are. Then would they be saddened if they saw a tear, roll down his cheek, or even anger? Maybe their thoughts wonder onto having a child of their own, 'look at his happy face, surely it can't be that hard can it?' They wonder. People smile to me for a moment, maybe it's just the new hat.


  • Gary Edward Geraci

    A child is not an entitlement, most definitely not a fashion accessory, but rather a beautiful gift from God.

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