Part alienated, part connected.

A fabrication of half-truths stored in the minds of the youth,
a chain of lies told over time ,
it created two eyes that could see and another that went blind,

going back in time is no use, no room for a rewind,
lets melt away the trauma in our shadow and dissect our demons,
swim in the melted stream of our shadows all combined,
maybe it'll give us a chance to see exactly how our society was designed,

Inclined to know the how and the why, the science and the religion combined
in a state of mind now that I can't define
part alienated and part connected to all of mankind


  • Gary Edward Geraci

    This poem aims for truth; the Great story of Creation; Genesis. Nice visual imagery conjured up in your writing.

    • laralove

      That it does, thank you :)

    • Louis Gibbs

      A very deep and philosophical poem, laralove! Tremendous insights portrayed and revealed. Congratulations on this amazing piece!

      • laralove

        - thank you! :)

      • onepauly

        good for the people on CSI

        • laralove

          huh? CSI?

          • onepauly

            it was a tv show. crime scene investigaters

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          • onepauly

            I don't know what I was thinking. sorry

            • onepauly

              that was for laralove

              • onepauly

                no big deal. we all make mistakes. I do. if not how am I going to learn.

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              • onepauly

                that was for lara love

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