Emil Cerda

Without inspiration

"Could it be that I stopped feeling love already?

"Is it that I'm incarnating the Self of before; who didn't care for a cucumber a kiss, feeling or pain?

"Could it be i have changed?

"Could it be that I have had a brain transplant? Because to the truth, I'm acting by emotions.

"Could it be i don't feel?

"The saddest regret is to let you go. I said: it will is the best. My demons encouraged me to deceive You, to deceive me, to deceive them.

"Could it be that I have come back to life?

"Could it be i have died?

"Since, if they aren't one or the other: how will I live without having that medicine that makes me be still?

"I don't want to keep doing this.

"Could it be that... I've killed myself?".

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