Hope Do Not Forsake Me.




Hope Do Not Forsake Me.

Serene calmness of blue
Swallowed by the red of fury and
The blackness of desolation.
Layer upon layer of confusion,
Fear and despair.
Like falling down a well,
Cold and dark
Ancient,stony walls slick with algae.
A foothold an impossibility.
The sun's golden rays teasing
With their glorious fingers.
Far from me in my dark prison
That has become a madness.
A personal dungeon
Of the uncontrollable emotions
Ripping through the fragile membranes
Between reason and insanity.
Replacing sunshine with eternal rain.
Extinguishing the feeble flame within..
Once a fire.. now a mere flickering ember.
Until I fear there will be nothing left.
My soul, heavy hearted in its final
Inevitable abandonment .
Renunciation of the shell
That was once a woman.


  • camille

    I hope so .c x

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