Impotence (by eddy styx)


She wraps her words around me
like a warm tortilla.
I want to eat her eyes
so I can see
the way she does.
Her volcanic verbs shoot
hot liquid through my veins
SHE causes me to lose all
over my bladder
I turn my red(face) to the shadows.
quickly s~l~i~n~k away.
If (i) were woman
SHE were man
This would NOT be unacceptable
male (frailty) weakness
demure beguiling femininity

(I want to lie cradled in her semi-precious metaphors!)


  • Michael Edwards

    I would call it a tapestry of the written word in all its glory - superb Cat.

    • Candlewitch

      thank you, Michael!

      ever, eddy styx

    • Louis Gibbs

      Doth thou bemoan the advantages she has over us by virtue of gender? We must deal with it, no choice, and count the few advantages of manhood ... like peeing standing up. A fine and uniquely expressed poem, Cat!

      • Candlewitch

        yes, Louis,

        some of those advantages are pretty unfair, to say the least, but what can be done?! thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

        ever, eddy

      • Fay Slimm.

        A beguilingly woven bouquet of imagery Cat - -- your talent never ceases to amaze.

        • Candlewitch

          dear Fay,

          it is not I, but eddy who holds you entranced, lol!

          always, Cat
          ever, eddy

        • orchidee

          Oohh I dunno about understanding eddy. I didn't understand his poem here, due to the fact I got too 'hot' and swooned before the end! Me sheltered life, you see. heehee.

          • Candlewitch

            LOL! thanks, O. 🙂

            ever, eddy

            • orchidee

              I still shouldn't like to meet him Cat. Where is he now? Is he chained in some basement, or bottomless pit somewhere?! oohh.

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            • malubotelho

              I like what you say about eating her yes and have to confess that I've felt the same desire but to eat read someone's brain to see the truth behind fake words. But I have the understanding that we should not scrutiny anybody mind. To do so would be very unrespectful. Our dad God would not like this. Thanks Eddy

              • Candlewitch

                dear malu,

                thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts with me. and thanks for reading and commenting!

                ever, eddy

              • valene

                Oh eddy you've done it again! A very 'i need a cold shower type' write! Nice have a male's version of how it might feel not to be able to 'perform' that may occur from time to time. Most men don't have the gumption to admit there's a problem, even if only for a brief moment. I guess this is where us women have it over men....we can always fake it if need be. And it's a known fact that many women don't necessarily orgasm during actual intercourse. For you to be able to put yourself in a man's place and write this the way you have, almost makes me forget that it's really you, a member of the female persuasion who wrote it. I think you've captured how a man would feel in this predicament perfectly and apparently I'm not the only one who feels the same!
                ok shower time....LOL! 🙂

                • Candlewitch

                  thanks val,

                  it also helps that I was a tomboy. I was my father's pet, he called me "JoJo", I learned a lot from him. I saw things from his point of view, which made much more sense to me. the females in my household were not only silly and frilly, but deceitful head-game players. need less to say that I was shunned by them. but that's okay, I had my dad who also taught me how to box!

                  ever, eddy

                • FredPeyer

                  Extremely well written as usual, you touched on something I thought about too. This gender difference, the way a women is supposed to act, the way a man is supposed to act, is it society driven? Or natural? Does the man really have to be the hunter and the woman the huntee?

                  • Candlewitch

                    hello Fred,

                    I think that few things are natural to a specific gender. we have been taught at a young age, how to react and act through reprimanding parents and authority figures. my husband Steve, was so shy, that if I hadn't pursued him, we never would have gotten together at all. I'm so very glad that I did!

                    *hugs, Cat
                    ever, eddy

                  • Micalina

                    I love the way you use words in your poems. Very dramatic and strong

                    • Candlewitch

                      dear Micalina,

                      it was fun to play with, this piece 🙂 thank you!

                      ever, eddy

                      • Micalina

                        You are welcome

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