Do not pay mind to the color of my lips today. Leave me, 
ghastly creature, poor white, false Demodocus;  
tell no more homely tales.  
Return to your vulture, kiss him, 
and slice your skin with talons as 
your brothers weep and lick tears to cool their stinging tongues  
and purple men cast lots inside a rose garden. 
Sin again, sin like Babylon, I tell you.  
The king's bony hand shoots up from beneath your feet 
and the dead walk the streets once more.  
I am Cadmus, Jason, a beacon.  
My skin, bright as a bulb, leads every man to himself.  
I am too pure for you. 
Your Medean eyes make me feel like soiled cloth. 
Your speech reeks of spoiled meat  
and your tongue, a maggots' nest. 
Return to hell with your heavy packs and your grinning fangs  
and I will wait.  
Descend again, devil Theseus, 
descend again.


  • AAA

    This is AMAZING!!!! you are so talented!!! i am amazed!

    • Ethan

      Aw thank you. Thats a really cool profile pic xD

      • AAA

        Awe thank you!!!

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      • lea cobain .

        woah, I love this!

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