first love

so tell me how you feel ? cause i feel this is unreal , you said you love me but you left me , now thats what feels unreal , you said forever but i guess forever wasn't together , baby boy you promised ,i wish go back in time & tell you to stop it , stop with all the lies , cause now my hearts in pieces & i want you to fix it but you so worried about this next girl in his imperfect world , you told me you loved me and i was your only girl , but i guess you were telling her that that too & I've been hurting for awhile hoping that since i fell you would pick me up & tell me i was just enough , but you made me feel this way , and when i decided to you wanna go to your friends & tell them all these bad things , but do you hear me ? cause i hear you everything you say i make it accountable , but you wasn't worth it & I'm not mad , never mind baby I'm grateful I'm just a lil sad , they say your first love you go crazy about i think they right cause if somebody mess with my baby , Ima put up a fight , i wish i never met you cause all the pain you caused i should be dead right now .


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