mourning sickness


silence is what i woke up to.  my cold feet slid across my carpeted floor, the creeks and mumbles from the floor boards awaken my sleep deprived mind. i run to the coffee marker like it's my savior from the rough night i had that i can't escape from. the black cup of warmth reminds me of the bitter parts of himself he left me with. my soul seems to be heavy. I sit on the wooden chair knees pressed against the table propping myself up, i stare at the cup of coffee as i recall the final words that were shared between us. my mind crowds with the worries that my life came to a complete stop last night and so did his. His name slips out of my mouth like water, like it's the only name i have ever known. it taste right when coming out of my pale lips. knowing he is gone crushes my soul. never to return a unknown love vanished. he is gone. dead. tears swell in my deep brown eyes, the coffee isn't enough to distract me from this hurt. nothing can distract me from his hurt.


  • Ethan

    There are so many good contrasts in this piece. Great job

    • AAA

      Thank you Ethan!

      • Ethan

        No problem :D

      • FredPeyer

        Well written AAA if it is something that happened to you. Extremely well written if it comes from your imagination.

        • AAA

          thank you so so much!

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