Humans and the Stars: My Conversations


“Hello,” when I say hello, I can mean a lot of things. One word can tell you if I’m having a good day or if I don’t want any conversation at all. One amazing thing about communication is you can pretty much always tell what someone’s thinking by their tone of voice; if they’re happy, it may sound light, and if sad it may sound heavy. Or they may just be cursed with a heavy voice, like me.




Me, snap. I have this violent tendency to see twigs and branches, and want to snap them in half. I have held brittle feelings for another, but snapped them, cracked them, dropped them and forfeited them all under the illusion it was love but it was fine by me! I mean, this one time at Glastonbury when Lorde walked out on stage, i mean, I want that Green Light, to be happy. My head is a messy bedroom I always avoid going in because it’s just clutter. When i say messy bedroom, I really mean it’s a messy car full of empty drink bottles and empty McFlurry containers from early-morning drives when I couldn’t sleep. Every time a hair falls from my scalp or skin falls away from my body, I’m reminded I’m closer to complete regeneration and the stars always guide me back to sleep.

People have told me I'm basically a star in the sky, nothing can touch me but they’ve never got close enough to see it’s true form. Anyone who can see me thinks it’s beauty, some people may even try to purchase or obtain my presence one way or another, but one thing will always be evident and fixed in position, when you look at the stars, they’re free, and as they look back at you, the channel of communication opens and the night sky gracefully welcomes with “Hello”.


  • Its Raskolnikov


  • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

    amazing, beautiful 🙂 interesting how you have referred to your mind as a messy bedroom with empty bottles inside.

  • Lorna

    This ran like a movie in my head........

    • niallprideaux

      can i take that as a good thing? XD haha

      • Lorna

        yes definitely!!!

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