A While

It's been a while...
Sorry I've been down
No happy tears fall just an unspoken sound.
It's been a while!
I've been busy
Keeping my brain going so i don't end in a tizzy.
It's been a while!
Nice weather...
I miss the meaningful chats we use to have together.
It's been a while.
It's been a minute. it felt a year. it was 15 minutes. Which is harder to hear.
It's been a while
Since I lost your grasp.
Only a year ago did I stop the relapse.
It's been a while
Since I had someone so sincere
Oh god; you'd be 16 this year...
His words were deceiving
still born.
not breathing.
My child was dead nothing else could have been said.
At first I thought the doctor lied
and with you, a part of me died.


  • charlesbarrett

    I felt this one. So sad. Well written. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Its Raskolnikov

    I'm so sorry, forget all the long and complicated ways to describe this poem. It is simply true and sad

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