nobody's child

Nobody's Child 



off hands

of the master.

see how she falls,

with porcelain




all through

the plaster;

painted smile

on lips alabaster.

broken doll-baby

tumbling faster...

spiraling out of control

towards certain disaster...


  • niallprideaux

    Amazing write 🙂 I live for descriptive details, thoroughly enjoyed this x

    • Candlewitch

      thank you niall,

      I'm glad you enjoyed the rhythm.

      *hugs, Cat

    • Louis Gibbs

      Beautifully done poem, Cat! No fluff, just substance.

      • Candlewitch

        dear Louis,

        thanks for your quick mind and observances 🙂

        *hugs, Cat

      • orchidee

        Good write Cat. Coeeeee Eddie - I mustn't wake him up! lol.

        • Candlewitch

          thanks O.

          he is awake and watching... LOL! :0)


        • malubotelho

          It has the rhithem of a broken heart. Craving for tears.

          • Candlewitch

            dear malu,

            you have read between the lines...thank you!!!

            *hugs, Cat

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            "i'M NOBODY'S CHILD ~ I'm Nobody's Child ~ like a Ramblin' Rose I'm growin' wild ! It happens HONEY and often we are helpless to help ! Sadly it mainly seems to happen to vulnerable Girls caught up in the temptation and seeming endless abuse of life. Loved the Poem but hated its real life reality ! ~ HUGS ~ BRIAN

            • Candlewitch

              thanks Brian,

              her mother told her that she hated her and she wasn't wanted. she never became bitter by this news.

              *hugs, Cat

            • FredPeyer

              A strong poem and great rhyming. Can't get much better than that!

              • Candlewitch

                dear Fred,

                thank you for always being so supportive of my poems.

                *hugs, Cat

              • Heather T

                Superbly written lament of the grievous mishandling of what I'm sure came into this world a perfect China doll. On a side note, I was a broken doll this past Halloween. Enjoyed you, Cat.

                • Candlewitch

                  thank you Heather,

                  did you make your own costume?

                  *hugs, Cat

                  • Heather T

                    Yes I did, Cat. Always do. We enjoy creating our own characters.

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                  • Micalina

                    You poem is brilliant and I can feel the pain of the doll. The person who went through this I hope that they are ok.I guess nothing will change what happened but the person can try to forget. Hugs Micalina

                    • Candlewitch

                      dear Micalina,

                      thank you so very much!

                      *hugs, Cat

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