Joaquin Finn

Mr Bordi

This is the story of a boy,
A five year old boy,
Who refuses to talk.
He hasn't spoken a word in all five years of his life.
His mother thinks something must be wrong .
The doctors say he's just shy and I guess that came to be the truth .

This is the story of a boy ,
An eight year old full of joy,
He has just discovered the stars ,
He wants to grow up to be a Jedi ,
That is something that will stay with him.
He speaks now with ease
In fact at eight he doesn't shut up
Again, something that will stay with him .

This is the story of a boy,
A twelve year old full of fear.
He wants to do right by god.
He wants to do right by life.
He still wants to be a Jedi
His father wants him to be a priest .

This is the story of a boy ,
A sixteen year old boy full of curiosity .
He is tempted by the devil ,
So he enrolled in bible school.
One last shot to be a priest .
One last shot to stamp his temptations.

This is the story of a boy ,
I don't recall his age ,
His father finds him with another man ,
The boy is ashamed .
His country is collapsing and his family the same .

The boy ran.

This is the story of a man ,
He will be thirty-six in a few weeks,
I listen to him on the bench in the rain.
He tells me his life.
He drives me insane .
But for all the reasons this man hates himself ,
One I've come to know
He ran from Hungary to England in hope the gay would go.
It worked for a few months
But like he explains ,
The moment he laid eyes on me ,
Was the moment everything changed .

He still longs to be a Jedi ,
I still struggle to shut him up ,
This is the story of the man I love ,
The story of his life.
Love is stronger than hate,
Not every man needs a wife .



  • Louis Gibbs

    A bold, beautiful biographical write, tied up so neatly and profoundly in the last two lines! Well done ... a fine, poignant poem, Brendon.

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