Who's grater you and I

take my money don't give it back,
i Don't want to be pushed further down this crack,
what is it for can you please tell me,
and yes man I've got eyes like you to see,
you left us all confused and no one to feed us,
you dress with a fancy suit and call yourself mister boss,
even though in their eyes they think they have it all,
before the the sight of my lord this world will roll over like a ball,
and my god my lord have spoken,
feed the poor help those with hearts that are broken,
In god we don't trust should be our new motto,
he gives you a clear instructions but you choose not to follow,
it's the same evil mannequin with different clothes,
The same sort of pain but in different forms,
or the fact that we have inherited lust and greed,
pass down from generation to generation to taste so sweet,
our hearts are becoming so dark yet nearby is an end to a future,
you fancy yourself as a lord grater then a ruler,
by my god my lord have I spoken,
of the inhumane acts done to the broken,
The prison system you set up to put chains around our necks,
they act like slave masters and we write them checks,
The best of us are those who have nothing,
but with god almighty they know they have everything,
The poor are you and I without our luxury,
out of hunger they rob don't you yet see the irony,
everything in this world is a test and will be judged on that day,
weather you like it or not you're heading that way,
will Science and atheists find a way to cheat death,
we are not thinking clearly it's almost like we're on meth,
my god my lord have I spoken,
we have a task ahead we must stay focused,
we shouldn't show up before his majesty empty-handed,
you honestly think heaven would be that easy to be granted.


© copyright of Ahmed Gayre

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