raqs sashame

Heather T



she is smoke eyed singe

and kohl gravity

glinting bindi lures

habibi adorned

of cowry shells and feathered rope

dangling jewelried brass

and stoned seduction


rakkasah pulses pungi rhythms

of snake arm conjuration

watered tours of deep divine

raising globes of full moon myrrh

from ribs to quake for tabla fingers

pouting tales of olives

teeth plucked suckle ready


coins rattle hipsway flicked

shiver navel goblet ripples

belly weeps for hennaed kiss

lapis dangles gold bound clink

of slaved wrists and ankles

stretch and stomp for spirit hands

to spread madonna lily petals

and slake their thirst for oil

healing in her silks


scarves undulate and thrust

dashing cosmic quivered milk

cream and earth and sweat

bronzed firelight in their fusion

one gauzy veil away

damp stars and thighs and deity

split honeyed womb to slick

the desert panting lips


skirt's hymn rises

wafting musk prayers to swollen kings

and the animal gods of them

rise thick and take up serpents


to peel her for

her spangled fruit



  • Author: Heather T (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 22nd, 2017 18:40
  • Comment from author about the poem: This poem is total bunk. The art of belly dance was originally performed in costumes that completely covered the dancer. Most burlesque or cabaret style dance evolved in restaurants and old Word's Fair venues. There's no stripping, and most haflas I've attended had predominantly female audiences that greeted each dancer with enthusiastic zaghareets. Most of what you see now is an Americanized version blending tribal, gypsy folk and fusion and requires a high skill set to master the tight isolations involved.
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  • FredPeyer

    I have no idea where YOU get all these ideas! Marvelous writing.
    'Stoned seduction', was there anything else involved beside music?
    Love this poem.

    • Heather T

      I don't know Fred, but I heard rumors 😄. Thanks for the marvelous. I have a friend that dances in a professional troupe, and I was close to becoming a student, but I just couldn't jump over the fact that some of the ladies practiced religions contrary to my heart. I LOVE the art of the dance, though.

    • malubotelho

      Beautifuly explained. Very sensual poem. and the animal gods of them

      rise thick and take up serpents.
      I like that verse. Very imaginative. Thanks for sharing this beauty.

      • Heather T

        My honor to share with you, lovely friend. Thank you so much for reading!

        • malubotelho

          Always welcome

        • Frank Prem

          I think this is a great poetic subject, Heather, as is dance generally.

          The poet entering the veils (sort of) and peeking through etc

          Great write. Good choice.

          • Heather T

            Thank you, Frank. Art inspires more art.

          • Augustus

            Beautifully and authentic.

            • Heather T

              Thank you, Augustus. Great to hear from you!

            • WL Schuett

              High art... beautiful

              • Heather T

                Super late thanks! My apologies 🙃

              • Carmine Branco

                Excellent. When a poet "paints", the poem becomes a wonderful picture. Not many can do this. Very well done. Will be following you. 😊

                • Heather T

                  Thank you muchly, Carmine. I look forward to reading you.

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