Accept the flaws of My Family

Remembering the exact,  precise words of what my brother said in those irritating lectures

'Family is for life'

Frankly me and my beautiful sister are raging with anger and need help as we're considered as horrible daughters.

However, they forcefully undertake it, endure it and tolerate it

Because, just like my brother said, 'Family is for life'

We're all bursting with passionate rage as if we're living the wildlife.

It's all normal right? Just fiercely accept all the consequential,  harmful tantrums

Sometimes it's tough being raised in the west by traditional,  Asian Muslims.

It's emotionally unhealthy bringing up a child like this that witnesses the alarming outbreaks

Giving everyone in the jailhouse headaches and heartaches.

I distinctly notice the rebellious side of me within my innocent sister as well

It's like me and her against the vicious world, so we bravely rebel.

That's our flaw.

And my brothers flaw.

And I guess my mum and dad's flaw.

But deep down in our throbbing hearts we're aware we got each others back like no other

As if their precious names are tattooed on my faithful heart right bang on in the bloody centre.

Never really concluded that Family is for life,  until I realised they are the people who will go out their way to ensure you're guarded or at least alive

So i guess we all accept the frustrating flaws and that's how our way to survive.

Discussing emotions is a taboo subject,  just like how rape is

But weirdly enough,  if someone asked me a set of questions about my Family, i know I'd win the pop quiz.

Because Family is really for life.


  • Krazee Poetry

    Very intriguing and power in that. I love it.

    • Saima

      Thank you it means a lot! X

    • burning-embers

      Fairy tale world. Try telling people who are abused by their birth parents that family is for life.

      • Saima

        Well I've been through a lot with my family, I've been abused, but it's my experience and my feelings.

      • Poetic Dan

        Nicely done, family is for life and we all definitely have our faults! Mine has a lot, and it's been hard get over being emotionally scarred. I've broken the cycle as my own is forever, with this quote that stays in my heart.

        While we teach our children about life
        Our children teach us that life is about

        • Saima

          Thank you very much:) im glad you're over it and hope ur much happier now

          • Poetic Dan

            I've come to an understanding that is path on forgiveness is never ending.

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