Krazee Poetry


No matter what he did to me
That's not him I can see
His demons chases him up a tree
Praying that God will set him free
He deserves to be happy
I've released my feelings of being hateful
Which led me to being greatful
My glass is always half full
This man has an amazing soul
Releasing himself away from hot coal
Making change his new goal
Putting each issue in the bowl
Setting them on fire to burn
God has given him another turn
Finding new ways to learn
No more pricks from the fern
My love is so deep
My baby I wanma keep
In my bed we will sleep
Pushing away the enemys when they creep
Knowing my heart is true
Not sure what to do
Does he even have a clue
Hold onto the crutch
Missing your gentle touch
Damn baby I love you so much
Just want to become one
When your time is all said and done
Pleaae hold on and don't run
Release yourself and let go of the gun
Pick up the phone softer than a stone
You are why i wrote this poem.
Lisa Piergallini


  • yourselfobject

    Forgiveness make us better people. Good work.

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