Weeping Willow


I have always been seen standing
I will always be seen reaching out
I am the one always seen weeping
Yet I can be seen lashing out

I give shelter to the morning dove
And wisdom to the lost
I will cover you like a glove
And keep away the frost

My promises are never heard
For they are never made
My visitors always leave
Never to return another day

I have no eyes
But I have seen too many days
Standing tall, I remain here
Prisoner to my ways




  • charlesbarrett

    I love this one. With all the pain in this piece, the line “I will always be seen reaching out” strikes me that much more. Great write. Thanks for sharing.

  • Azura Nightsong

    The feels are real here.
    Beautiful wording and imagery was on point.
    Willows are one of my favourite trees, though I suppose they do look quite sad.
    Great job!!!

  • burning-embers

    Even the weeping willow bears a fruit. From that fruit grows a beautiful tree. A very soulful tree, the willow is a tree quite unique and loved by all. Your poem is really quite outstanding. If Gods creations came with a descriptive label, i think your words would befit this beautiful tree.

  • FredPeyer

    What a beautiful poem, Unique. I can see that tree standing tall!

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