Mask upon Masks

Fugazi inverted frowns
chocking off my shine,

biting no knowledge

of self or the

annals of the world,

I'm a walking anagram
of acrostic misery spitting
prose's of poetry for your
cerebral enhancement,

popularity chasers
high school
never leavers,

wasn't hugged as
a kid or maybe
too much
trickled indigo

striking hypnotically
behind third eye
self illuminated
deduced from
of my
art of war tactics,

residual stains
from cobwebbed

ain't been
plowed since
the twin towers stood
got stock in
Duracell and KY.

Stay listening to
harbingers of atrophy
sheltered maniacs
don't touch,I melt,
sadistic masochist,

of hallucinogenic
uncanny madness,

orale vato tres
pinchi mayate
silo of Gwai Lo,

ottenere il cazzo fuori
de qui stronza bastardo,

miserabile puttana
fa male gli altri.


dichalotés glósses
katastrépsei vasíleia.

Anemic hematoma
bludgeoned divine,

incursion for your
broken promise,

fractured trust
leaky chalice
feel my malice,

out of context,

check with
the source
ya shattered

thought you
gained wisdom
all those years
of being on
your knees
mulatto please.

Indentured servant
subliminal prison,

caught up in the
lost holocaust,

of self imposed
absentee victim,

by your own
spherical prism.

Cryptic happiness
elite sadness,

for your ordained
essence pre-determined

stay emitting your aura
upon the world only
to receive deceit,

pinnacle of
spiritual larceny
extorting your

for two lips
on one cheek
so others can
feel blessed trinity.

Copyright © 2017 Whisperingquill.All Rights Reserved



  • Candlewitch

    you really covered a lot of ground with this poem... I loved it, but some people say I'm insane, but I don't care, LOL!

    *hugs, Cat

    • whisperingquill

      My insanity fuels your sanity it's a two way dimension one way mirror
      Vice versa 🌹 Thank you Cat

      see the insane before I bleed the sane of I

    • FredPeyer

      And 'cerebral enhancement' I got, need to read it a few more times though to get the full 'benefit'!

      • whisperingquill

        Thank you Fred it's a very very personal piece 🍻

      • kevin browne

        we is definitely mostly crazy and that's fact. a well worthy poem.

        • whisperingquill

          Sanity intermingles with sadness
          on the inside of insane happiness

          fun times eh? 😜

          • kevin browne


          • kevin browne

            we is definitely mostly crazy and that's fact. a well worthy poem.

          • sylviasearcher

            I need to learn Italian so I can full appreciate your poems.

            I adore the rhythm and flow.
            It feels relentless.

            This is 3 because I counted out of order.


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