An Exert of a Book I'll Never Write


I had to realize

that maybe, just maybe

it had nothing to do with me.

Maybe it had everything

to do with him.


Maybe I had too much love.

I just cared too much.

Perhaps his heart,

just didn’t have the space for me.


I saw a new life in him.

And he, well he just saw

a brief passing moment in me.


Through all of the maybes,

I realized that there is no pain

worse than loving someone,

more than they love you.


Its like you’re falling,

and expecting that they’ll catch you.

But you look back,

and they’re still clinging to their parachute.


And my god,

when you hit the ground

it really does break every bone in your body.


People always ask why

I speak so highly of him.


I don’t have a good answer.


I think that even though

he broke me so god damn much,

that the cracks in my heart

were visible through  my eyes.

  I just played it off. 


Since this is what happens,

when you think that you’re in love.

You let them get away with murder,

even if it’s your own.


-gravity is stronger then I’ll ever be

  • Author: kbreinich (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 24th, 2017 22:10
  • Category: Love
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  • charlesbarrett

    Beautiful work. There were quite a few lines that stood out to me in this piece. “I realized that there is no pain worse than loving someone more than they love you” and “you let them get away with murder, even if it’s your own”. Both beautiful lines and very true words. Thanks for sharing.

  • Renzi

    Wow. Love is pain you are so right. As humans we suffer lose, we struggle so bad, its blinding!!! but from this we grow strength.. may your struggle be your strength ♡

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