I'm scared.. For if I love you, you will leave me too, is't it crazy? I'm attached to you, You're the definition of deadly. But I need you in my life on the daily. You're a deadly dosage many of us know. But I'm selfish I need you all on my own. After everyone hurt me; you entered in my life, like a million weeds growing in the streets.nI tried to rip you out of my concrete, drowning my sanity in pills full of lies. But your roots have grown to know my body; your thorns embedded in my head, and your leaves wrapped around my beating heart, I'm scared to love you, because you may leave me tor. But the time has grown, I can't suffer on my own. You're my depression, but you've grown to become my only obsession. I'm scared to love you, because soon even my depression will leave. Just like weeds in the streets. They all die away, then find somewhere else to grow happily...

After you left, the night cast upon me forever
The withdrawal slowly eating me from the inside
The hardest part of my life I've ever felt
Eventually the sun peaked through the clouds
The pain lessening daily
And a tolerance to poison in my heart.

In my mind someone keeps asking
Why? Why? Why? As it is repeating
I can not look at my back thinking it was you
Running and comming back to me, but you just flew
I am scared understanding the fact that you left
I just cried and cried and cried, you heartless theft
As my heart keeps breaking into pieces
I am trying to forget all of our puerileness
And I hoped, I wish, I pray
That you'll be gone in my heart you stayed
-Da Bong

  • Authors: lonelyListener, Azura Nightsong, Da Bong
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  • Finished: August 9th, 2017 00:00
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
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