Prison Walls


Waking up to another day in this place, looking in this dirty mirror and don't recognize the face, looking at these stripes feeling like a disgrace, like how did you mess up, why didn't you just think, thinking bail won't come so you want to drown yourself in the sink, out on the yard trying to make life feel ordinary, until you realize your grocery shopping is waiting on commissary, hoping someone put some money on the phone so you could call home feeling like no one loves you and your all alone, waiting for the dark to turn to light everyday trying to avoid a fight thinking about how that decision you made just wasn't right C O I need to see the nurse nah inmate you'll be alright, running the streets see the money so you chase it instead of waiting for your time you realize you're not a doctor so just don't have the patience, so you decided to break in that house thinking no one was home, she comes around the corner you pull your gun shoot "POW" now that little girl gone, police show up put you in cuffs, in the back of the car thinking you already had enough, it wasn't worth having to take a life, in the courtroom can't even look at your wife, standing before the judge with no one to blame, try to make the jury think your crazy so you can plead insane, the judge says your guilty so off you go, looking back at the newborn you'll probably never get to know, walking out the courthouse the doors open and a light beams, waking up in a cold sweat thank God it was all a dream, realizing you didn't make that decision to do something stupid that day, instead you hold your sleeping wife and peaceful newborn and realize you would not have it any other way

  • Author: Lionheart (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 26th, 2017 21:47
  • Category: Reflection
  • Views: 46
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  • Agent of Chaos

    Fucking amazing poem. Hope you didnt actually experience this stuff

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