To Be A Slave


To Be A Slave.

To Be Owned By Another Person As A Car, House, Or Table Is Owned.

To Live As A Piece Of Property That Could Be Sold -A Child From Its Mother, A Husbad From His Wife- 

They Wished They Could Take Thier Own Life.

To Be A Slave.

To Be Considered Not Human, But A Beast.

To Know, Despite The Deprivation And Suffering That You WERE Human.

To Know Joy, Laughter, Sorrow And Tears And Yet Be Considered Only The Equal Of A Table.

To Be A Slave Was To Be A Human Under Conditions That Were Inhumane.

Was The Masters Going Crazy Or Insane? 

They Were NOT Slaves, They Were People, Deprived Of Thier Humanity.

Thier Conditions Were Slavery, They Lived In Unsanity.

They Were People.

They Looked Upon Themselves And The Servitude In Which They Found Themsleves With The Eyes And Minds Of Human Beings, Concious Of Everything That Happened To Them, Concious Of All That Went On Arounnd Them. 

But Yet, Slaves Are Often Pictured As Little More Than Dumb, Brute Animals Whose Sole Attributes Were Found In Working, Singing, And Dancing.

To Be A Slave.


  • Author: Anonymous18 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 27th, 2017 17:54
  • Comment from author about the poem: This Is My Most Powerful Poem, I Put So Much Emotion Into It. I Wrote This Poem, July 19th, 2016. Enjoy.
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  • Saima

    absolutely amazing!!! So powerful and deep

  • Agent of Chaos

    Daaamn. That's deep dude. The rhymes are great too. Best poem I've seen on here.

  • FredPeyer

    As you say in your comment, this IS a very powerful poem. Everything you say is right. The sad part is that slavery still exists and that we seem to be unable to stop it completely.

    • Anonymous18

      You are right, as long as racism exists, there will always be some type or form of slavery. The problem is that not all African Americans are aware about the issue, some are clueless and need to be awoken to the truth and stop being nieve thinking that everything is over and slavery is over. Thank You For Your Comment.

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