Edward Charles McDevitt

Forever Friends

Friends forever you thought we'd be,

Until the end, but wait, let's see.

'Cause you have spread North to South,

Kinky words right from your mouth.

You would yell, cuss, fight and drink,

Overly so, wouldn't you think?

Unless you're sorry, I don't know,

Friends forever, I don't think so!

Upset, angry, yes I'm mad,

Cant' you see that this sad?

Kindling will start the warmest of fire,

Only now, it's come down to the wire.

Friends forever, not for me honey,

Frankly dear, all I want is my money!












  • WriteBeLight

    When you lend money to family or friends, you should never expect to get it back. Sorry she lost her money. Cute way to get the f-bomb in the poem.

    • Edward Charles McDevitt

      I generally don't use that type of language! I wrote it for (Like I said) a friend who was due monies. She has since learned her lesson, that's for sure!! Thanks for reading and sharing!

      • WriteBeLight

        No problem about the language. I don't either. All the same, had to get the message across and you did very well!

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