Miss Xtraordinary

It Is Not Over

The pain I felt,

The tears I shed.

Sometimes I think, 

I would rather be dead.


The screams I heard,

The anger I saw.

After all this time,

Is it really a draw?


The people who died,

The lives that were lost.

I want to move on,

No matter the cost.


The memories I have,

The guilt I feel.

It hurts everyday,

And it will never heal.


The murders I saw,

The people who killed,

There is more to come,

And you are thrilled.


The sorrow I cried out,

The feelings I had.

And now I am dead,

And you are glad.


-Miss Xtraordinary 


  • jazzy factory

    I feel this poem deep in my soul.

    • Miss Xtraordinary

      I'll take that as a good thing, so thank you. :)

    • FredPeyer

      A strong, sad poem, well written. One question though: If you are dead (last stanza) why is it NOT over? (Title). Sorry, I am probably a little bit slow.

      • Miss Xtraordinary

        Because I would not be the only one suffering, the murderers would keep killing innocent people, therefore it is not over. I hope this answers your question :)

        • FredPeyer

          Yes, thank you, please forgive me my slowness!

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