the Break up...


I am trying to remain stable 
I have been doing so good!
I am healing from my abuse 
I am healing from my Attack
I am healing from my loss
I am healing from my trauma 
I am healing
I am stronger than you think 
I have survived Awful horrors
I have survived 
I am a strong mountain 
I won't be shook
So why would I fall apart over you?


I can only imagine the whites of your teeth
being exposed when talking to her
You love her
more than me
you know her body
because your finger tips are still engraved into her flesh
you know her habits and her mind
because you spent years talking and understanding her soul
i was the stand in 
i know that now,
i was your project until she wanted you back
don't fool me 
i know i was the one fooled
but i am not hurt
a part of me knew
i was just too dumb to see



she is beautiful
her eyes are ocean deep
her body slim and silk soft
her mind is like a puzzle piece
she is flawless
she is perfect for you
and then there was me
i was a waste of time
i was just filling your void
I was just your distraction
but you should have known
i wasn't your forever
so why did you stay?


  • Godisreal

    I can relate god bless you

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