I am too much woman,
Too loud. 
Too beautiful. 
Too strong
I was too much woman for you 
Your weak hands couldn't handle my strength
i know i am good enough 
I am so good that you wish you could handle me
I am a sweet regret 
the one you let slip away 
never forget 
i am the one you need
tho you can't touch 
you will dream of the day i could be in your arms
tho you can't speak to me
you will imagine our conversations
tho you can't taste 
my name is still marinated on your soft lips
you will miss me 
you will want me back 
but remember 
I am too much for you 
too strong
too beautiful 
too much woman.
you can't keep up


  • Heather T

    Brava! I particularly like the thought of a name marinating on lips.

    • AAA

      Awe thank you so so much!!!

    • FredPeyer

      Behind every successful man there is a strong woman. I really like your poem. You sound a little bit like an amazon (in a good sense), but the man who one day will steal your heart (or should I say you will let him steal your heart?) will be very lucky!

      • Poetic Dan

        I tell my lady those words most days.
        She brings the best out in me and taught me how to control my flame!

        Great write AAA

        • AAA

          Thank you i deeply appreciate this

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