private poet

Without you

As soon as you were gone

Life without you was empty and cold

No longer here to love me

No one for me to hold

i feel exposed and vulnerable

I have no place to hide

Life is a dark and perilous path

Without you by my side

Responsibilities overwhelm me

Without you here to share

I feel so lost and lonely

Without you here to care

The wonderful life we shared

Seems such a long time ago

Even with happy memories

my spirit still sinks low

How can I face a future

Without you by my side

When will I find courage

Without you as my guide.


  • Fay Slimm.

    The sudden loss of a loved one is always so challenging and your words in this verse outline the grief which loneliness brings - sincere condolences dear poetess and tho the saying seems trite I know from experience that time dulls the pain - keep hold of those memories that make you smile knowing he would want that.

    • private poet

      Thank you for your kind words x

    • Heather T

      My goodness, this heart just aches for you. I hope the love of family can help guide you through this tragic life change. You've penned this so well.

      • private poet

        Thank you for your kind words. I find there is a freedom in writing here and it helps. Xx

        • Heather T

          Well, you just write your sweet fingers off then! I hope it's like a healing balm.

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