having Computer problems

my computer is driving me nuts today. I keep getting the same pop-up. and I can't seem to figure how to get rid of it completely. my husband, Steve said he would help me when he gets home from work. so I am out of it for the day...aarrgh!!!

*hugs to all, Cat the Candlewitch


  • Heather T

    Excited for Steve to come and save the day! Sorry for your computer gremlins!

  • Louis Gibbs

    You wouldn't want to hear my rants at the computer! I can relate, Cat.

  • Fay Slimm.

    Hope it gets fixed real soon Cat - - I always say computers are only a miracle of communication when they behave . Hugs meanwhile from Fay xx

  • FredPeyer

    The trials of modern technology! But sometimes we did run out of ink in the past, leaving us frustrated as well.
    Use the computer down-time wisely to meditate on your next poems!!! 🙂

  • malubotelho

    I'm a wreck on computer. Only use my iPad to most of the things I have to do. Computers drive me crazy 😜

  • valene

    technology is great when it works....BUT when it gets fucked basically sucks....(i tell it like it is....LOL!!!) hope Steve can figure it out soon!
    Side note...i had those little obnoxious ants crawling out of mine one time and when I googled the issue i found out i wasn't the only one! one theory is the light attracts I put ant traps around it and kept it off when i wasn't using it. the traps definitely worked and they disappeared as quickly as they came! 🙂

  • Goldfinch60

    I used to work in computing when I retired. It does get frustrating sometimes and from personal experience in the office I know why a computer is called hardware, you can hear it when it is thrown against a wall!

  • Candlewitch

    hey everyone,

    thanks for the words of comfort and jokes, too 😉 it was a problem with Microsoft's window's 10 & Cortana trying to take over my custom settings! anyone ever have this problem? if not for my computer geek husband, I would have to take it in to see a computer doctor!!!

    *hugs, Cat

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