Alf W

Summer Came

We had summer for almost a week .. last week!
It came suddenly one day and blazed across the sky
With a haze so beautiful and blue
And clouds so white and soft.

First one day, then the next and more that followed
That I could not find any coolness and comfort
And the dampness on my skin
Felt just like a morning dew!

I don't like the heat. I am a cool person
The discomfort is unbearable and I try to hide
And find a place that's cool and comfy
And one that brings relief more bearable.

And then, suddenly came, one morning, the rain
I woke to it's welcome sound upon our roof
And smiled at the anticipated coolness
Both in air and within my own being.

Normality had returned
And I welcomed it so much.

© Alf Willis 29-7-2017


  • Louis Gibbs

    Sounds like you might live in Seattle, or on one of the islands off the coast? Wherever it is, I'm glad your discomfort didn't last too long, Alf. Fine introductory poem! Welcome to MPS!

    • Alf W

      Well Louis, I actually live in the NW Highlands of Scotland, and thank you for your welcome.

    • FredPeyer

      Beautiful writing, Alf. I miss the seasons (at least sometimes), but do like to live in this warm place.

      • Alf W

        Thank you Fred. I saw on your profile where you are. It would be too hot for me :) As you miss the seasons I guess you were once here in the UK?

        • FredPeyer

          I grew up in Switzerland, emigrated to Canada, lived there 16 years and have now resided in Hawaii just about 30 years. I know the seasons, harsh winters, with snow up to my ears! What I don't miss are the falls in Zurich when everything is grey, wet, and cold.

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