The Profound Man

I love your heart
I love your soul
Those words you unfold
The way your hands explore and create
That everlasting ripple
My soul quakes
The beauties you share with this world
The way your eyes hide the pain ~
you have never told
The way you see the light in the darkness
With each breath you take
I love the joy ~ you feel in your soul
Appreciating ~ everything
The passion you have for life
Even the ~ little things
I love the way you laugh at the world
But ~ also keep it close
Through your eyes ~
My soul does, pitter patter
There is never ~ a disguise
Your passion steals my wild heart ❤️
Like Romeo and Juliet
Bliss, happiness!
Since we met,
Breaking my ribs,
With no regrets!


  • Louis Gibbs

    Your beautiful love poem describes a worthy companion to be sure. Enjoyed reading it, Adri.

  • Adri

    Thank you Louis!🦋

  • Tony36

    Beautifully written and expressed

  • Adri

    Thank you Tony! Have a good day!😊🦋

  • FredPeyer

    Adri, you love his heart and you love his soul..........I LOVE YOUR POEM!

    • Adri

      Why thank you Fred! 💕🦋

    • Adri

      Thank you Kat for your kind words! ❤️🦋

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