With darkness stood before me
And disappointment at my toes

I remember all the happy times
And slowly drown in the lows

The sun's been dipped in black
The moon has a painful shine

I try to own my happiness
But only my sadness is mine

The only beauty left in the world
Has grown old and died

Will i ever overcome it
Or will the darkness win?

Will i drown in my sorrows
And be suffocated  by my sins?

Or will I find the strength to stand
To take control of my life
 be a one man band

Will i smile and love again and learn how to cope

Dare I
Just dare I
Have a little hope?


  • Accidental Poet

    I'll dare you. I bet a smile looks real good on you.

  • FredPeyer

    Your nice poem goes from loss and sadness to strength and hope. The hope is only necessary as long as you don't have the strength yet. Once you are strong again, you don't need hope, because you KNOW that there will be smiles and loves. Nicely written!

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