Cloud Nine

Im okay Im sure I will be fine
I wonder if u will ever be mine
How long will I have to confine
This love for you that is so devine
Will our hearts ever intertwine
Mix together what we can combine
Let it be what makes us shine
Side by side as we align
True love is what we could define
Trust and loyalty building our shrine
Forever my only lover and I be thine
Love so pure no need to refine
Just like water turned into wine
One hundred percent Heaven sent and  genuine
Feast upon one another as we dine
Giving a boosts at every incline
Never hesitating inappropiate invites to decline
Considering the very idea would be asinine
We walk hand in hand along the never-ending shoreline
Bending together with the flexibility of a spline
Having each others back as we share a spine
Gods blessings on you and me form a beautiful trine
No one on this earth could ever undermine
Our love that God has created by design
To know where exactly our lives are destined
And to whom our hearts have been assigned
Eye to eye seeing the same goal line
Having no competition that we can't outshine
Taking only with each other a position that is supine
Instinct naturally draws out every unspoken  guideline
Directing us through each command line
In order to reach the top of the line
Where we discover our little goldmine
Til death do us part on the dotted line we sign
This is my dream of what it's like on cloud nine


  • malubotelho

    Great rhyme write. Nice reading.

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