Your parietal lobe shifter rakes across my cross phased pod of schadenfreude disasters.Tempting yet benign I stuffed the framework shaped lament into the flame laced spool of quagmire inoculated serpent’s teeth. Bartering is wasted on septic shock monster truckers crazed and bloated with the gas of a million decayed afterbirths. Truth be told the saving grace has failed us, leaving us maimed to fend for ourselves. I drove you to the end and spoke disparaging words that made you weak and ashamed. I left the golden sunshine in the box you once spoke of but no longer remember. Daft and uncouth you slayed the last truth-seer with blinding malice and fits of tortured indifference. Why did the one you love split the fire of the universe into useless shards of lifeless echos - never returning to the one true source. I am awake and displeased. I am afraid and misaligned with the stars and all their ancient cohorts who wait to make a final gesture. Never have I said anything less true or bogus and really just right on man.. Let’s cut it out with that lame duck jargon and introduce a new wave of purposefully twisted plainly bold statements. FIll the garbage bags with yesterday's dinner and take it home to your uncle’s hidden farmhouse. See if I care about the clog in the drain or the dead limbs on the tree. See if I flinch as your hold your nose and swing at me. This thing we’ve got here is so much more bitter than the fruit you tried to poison me with, so I’m good with this sharp stick I found across the river. Take it or  leave it. It’s all in the hips... I think...


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