Unto Forever


I see the futility of what I believe

It's a history ahead of what I conceive

I search in the past for forms of reprieve

But I'm stuck with a pain I can never relieve


From my perspective I know we can't be

I know our love will remain history

I have tried to bribe and I've tried to plea

But our future apart is no mystery


Our lives were always on paths to diverge

Our love was to die and never resurge

My heart was to break and never converge

Your life was to Great, As mine was to Purge


In time I will heal but never the same

But the worst part is, I have no one to blame

I am at fault for the loss at this game

And the only reward is this pain that I claim


I believe that our lives will one day cross

And I'm freed from the hell of the love we once lost

But this is a dream to escape the loss

I'd stay in this fantasy no matter the cost


I would neglect my body to appease my mind

Let my soul rot to keep memories I find

I'd give up my sight and be happily blind

If I could regain what we left behind


I would reject every urge that makes me survive

Just for one more chance to keep us alive


But I know I will never be given that chance

So Unto Forever I will reserve our dance

  • Author: DyingDreams (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 6th, 2017 00:10
  • Comment from author about the poem: A long time ago I had a Boyfriend that was perfect for me. I was young. 16 at the time. and due to my negligence and careless attitude he left me. Every now and again we say hi to each other but those moments grow ever further. It's been a year since ive talked to him. He once told me that he wanted to try again but we needed to get to know each other more after so long apart......But life made it impossible to do so. I some times sit and fantasize over what could have been and where we would be today. It's calming if only for a moment.
  • Category: Reflection
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  • rrodriguez

    Splendid! Bravo...!

  • Louis Gibbs

    Beautifully expressed poem of remorse, DyingDreams! Congratulations on this one.

  • myself and me

    "In time I will heal but never the same", the mark of love stays with us forever.

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