See how she sits

So alone and afraid

Cradling in her arms

A solitary babe.

The father of the child

He has run

Leaving the mother and child

Without a home.

The tramp

Walks the streets

A dark overcoat

Holed shoes on his feet.

It's so lonely at the top

No friends to surround you

Only enemies and colleagues

Constantly mill around you.

A small boy

Alone in a tall crowd

He can't see a thing

As he looks around.

A man in a quiet room

Shouting so loud

He stands out, on his own

One different in a crowd.



  • Accidental Poet

    Some people can be their own worst enemy. Excellent poem.

    • Bibbeck

      Thanks for your comment.

    • FredPeyer

      Great writing, Bibbeck. I like how you alternate between low (tramp) and high (business), short (boy) and tall (man). Somehow you manage for the poem to be relevant to all of us.
      I do like it.

      • Bibbeck

        Thank-you. Glad that you got the thread Fred 😊 & appreciated it. The world is full of differences & no one of them needs to be alone. Malhalo.

      • WriteBeLight

        Very poignant!

        • Bibbeck

          Thanks WBL. Glad that you appreciated it.

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