Tia Davis/テイア

In A Story There Is A Time

A Time

To live or die

To pathes to death or life

One for success

One for nonfulfillment

One more thing that you can't miss

There is a superior to make choices

To make these choices you have to think in the future and present

To make sure things are put in place but some are out of line

Out of time they may say

Maybe even to late

But its never to late to change

Going up and down like a bumpy ride in  consternation

Does not mean its too late for the path of once called staying gold or staying bright or staying ALIVE

Heart, pain, pressure, & feelings inside feels like you are not the only one in your mind there are two side



May sound harsh but the mind is not a prisoner

You Are

In slaved by the mind its self

Afraid to find yourself

To pick a path is never easy

Maybe easy to frustrate your mind throughout time

I'm not talking about time like the clock

I'm talking about this time of life this present life

Everyone lives everyday make choices or make mistakes

Maybe even your last mistake

They say Hearts Never Change

They do if you truly want to change them

I always was told that there was going to be 

And always will be


A Time


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