Wearing Sacks and Pearly Crowns


I agreed to dance to it,
picked my rumor and ran with it.
Gave up neither trying to hear when it was supposed to be.
Ally should feel a lot prettier standing next to me.
I actually thought of her all the time.
There is that whore they pay a dime.
I was courage when around one of her boys.
To swim in her water we were all just toys.
The guys out on the porch looked at her beautiful eyes.
I looked only at her sister, she hadn’t told me any lies.
My aggression passed to Sam and then Henry.
she’s a heart breaker, she'll leave you empty.
I decided I’ll only do what'll make reality out of dreams.
Then I found a girl sweeter than peaches and cream.

Classes didn’t stop,
I walked up and down hallways until the drop.
I tried hard to make my feelings clear.
Maybe I'd be able to call this one mine next year.
She was a dream in every sense of the word.
deep blue skies were filled with birds,
still paradise just peaked its head around from the corner.
Then I heard someone else had something with her.
I was down but thinking about my next move.
That's when I came back from the big city. A trip that soothed.
floating in my mind was what I said,
I then fell asleep in my nicely prepared bed

I saw the whole gang standing by the bus.
Then I walked up to them. Being with them is a plus.
I waited for her so we'd be together.
Then there she was, her brown hair light as a feather.
You look good she said.
No, you are so pretty. I told the girl with hair so red.
Thinking constantly about my situation I was in beautiful agony.
Playing catch on the grass was the only time I was free.
You’re just what I needed.
In all the dances in the main stadium, she leaded.
Friday night the brown haired girl and I dined. I paid.
We got comfy, under the stars we laid.
I asked about the boy she was seeing.
What did she see in him? It must be something.
She said how lonely she was and that he was there for her.
As much as I wanted her before, I couldn't help it, I wanted her more.
Then the night had to come to an end.
I walked her to her dorm room, then went back to see my friends.

The next morning breakfast was served early,
I saw that Ally and her followers were acting a little more than girly.
They were with seventeen boys in the morning and thirteen in the evening.
I'm alright with this. This is a free country, but this was suppose to be about believing.
I sat next to my good buddy, eating warm potatoes and spicy sausage.
Then I saw the red haired and brown haired girls sit down. They had no war to wage.
After breakfast I washed my plate and walked outside. My good friend to my side.
For whatever reason I knew that day would be a ride.
We started the day with singing, prayer, and giving alms.
Around noon we ate lunch. Then we heard a speech on manliness and sang psalms.
One of my friends and I got lost on the way to a speech on prayer.
It was better than the one about their shameful love affair.
After that I felt strange and unloved because of the way the adults were talking.
The girls added to the conversation. I was a great target for mocking.
Then dinner was served. My plate filled with veggies and and pork.
I dined next to a dynasty of hypocrisy. It was basically work.
I got out of there as quickly as possible. Barely finishing my meal.
I didn't know what I'd be doing for hours that night. I had to kneel.
After that crazy experience, I couldn't speak about in words, chicken was my midnight snack.
It felt good being a part of something bigger. These people were like my pack.

The next day was a lot like the last,
just a youth practicing a religion of the past.
We ate, listened, and I prayed for everyone.
Many boys walked up to the front. I was not one of them.
I then gathered all my things and brought them to the bus.
We were all trying to beat the rush.
I didn't anticipate the hours and hours it took to get home.
I tried to be very sweet but I might of let out a few groans.
After seven hours of travel by bus we arrived at the soccer fields in the valley of flowers.
my parents weren't there yet. Even I was texting them for hours.
My mood quickly changed after I saw that brown haired girl with her bags.
I walked up to her and made small talk. Then her mom came by making zig zags.
She said bye. I said let's keep in a touch.
She was a senior but that didn't mean much.
I didn't wait long after that for my mom to show up. I was acting badly.
I told her about about my time. Why did I pay for this she said sadly.

The following weeks were good.
Just laying by the pool like a lazy boy should.
A few stunners came my way but I didn't know what to say.
Bodies going down water slides. That was the way.
I was less concerned with politics after my retreat.
Listening to music was the activity to beat.
I did what girls had done to me to the red haired girl. I was a bitch.
Maybe I was just out of my mind. I don't know which is which.
Maybe I was still crazy about the brown haired girl.
She was the sweetest thing in the world.
Maybe I'm addicted to pain.
Chasing girls who think I'm lame.
Maybe I just wasn't ready for any of this stuff.
I wasn't ready for love, just sickening lust.
Whichever one it was at least I kept my dignity.
Going against a force stronger than gravity.

I remember when Ally showed interest in me.
It was incredible because I thought she was unbelievably pretty.
Tall, hair dyed blonde, gorgeous face, and everything a boy would want.
I was sure we would have fun.
In reality she built me up just to knock me down.
It wasn't fun being so low. I was on the ground.

Now everything was a little different.
I now knew girls that said what they meant.
Now I needed to do the same.
I needed to be bold for a change.
I found my chance, a party for the whole group.
I saw the brown haired girl. When her boyfriend came out of the car my heart turned to soup.
We weren't meant to be together then, but we will be later I vowed.
I wanted to tell her how I felt but didn't know how.
She came up to me and asked me to swim with her.
I did just that but nothing more.
This summer has been full of ups and downs.
I've worn sacks and pearly crowns.

  • Author: Tomo (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 8th, 2017 18:36
  • Comment from author about the poem: This poem was inspired by the summer before my junior year of high school. I feel that it shows the beauty and the joy of young love and also the pain that comes with rejection.
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