Trump Stump

Crack open a government tic tac
stack what you find in tact
with the quick reaction of a panic attack
but you learn they apparently lack the tact and tactics
to keep the ship on a true straight tack

this government hack is like
the taste of a stack of old bologna
basted in hastily dehydrated raisins as it
conjures the wasted thoughts of the stoned youth
interested only in the ice cream cone truth

the silly hillbilly thoughts
of the stupid blue Billy goats
are more cynical and political
than those who have long ago risen to the pinnacle

those chopping with the non-stop whomping
of the punished, dull blades of ignorance
hushed and crushed, swinging the axe
with a relaxed swagger ignoring
the daggers scarring their backs

so sharpen their edges, dredge the head shed
and visualize a status quo long gone and dead
see a status quote instead

axes that maximize taxes and fantastic
human contraptions multiply the fractions
and engage the actions
of populations and fundamental limitations
of elections and selections of
the body politic

sticking to a fair share of choice voices to the
ones placed in the high chair
those now caring for the downstairs stares
of those in despair
ignoring the bull and bears

fears that steer us through tears
need instead guide and abide the rising tide
with eyes of those striving to survive

screaming and seething in teeming frustration
we see it is time
now is the time

we see patient nations with restraint
and steady intellectual, contextual
Socratic factual deliberations
create steady bodies of contribution
without retribution

collaboration without abomination
socialization without dehumanization
compassion without dependence
representation without reverence

our nation is a vision of a stormy ocean
needing steady calming of the commotion
the time is now to begin
to avoid our combustion
and dysfunctional destruction

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