Inaliable Write

I insist that you listen! 

The wise people of this great nation
Do not hold your tongue!
or let your voice be taken!
The only real change that can be made
Is by exercising your free speech and having something to say
Wrong or right there is only one way to find out
By voicing your opinions and working it out
Violence is the unfortunate alternative!
And we are civilized, no longer primitive
I don't agree with everything I hear
But defend to the death the right to say it!
And the only way to move forward is having the nerve to debate it
I am warning against a world where your rights are taken away!
All our words will rot away and decay
You can't force people to think like you do
And right now we have the right!, not to believe you
They say they are different and have the right to exist
But that doesn't mean we should be left in the mist
Everyone one should be exactly who they are!
This is an issue we should be fighting for!
All are different individuals
Doesn't matter race, creed or religion
This can't be the world we made to live in!
I am not bothered by your unique personality
I am irate that you try to push it on me!
You fight to be heard but try to drown me out
The more you speak over me, the more I will shout!
My passion lies in the realm of words
I've fought my whole life with being unheard
And now at the apex of my life
You try to censor my creativity to write!
You've forced my hand!, now pick up my pen to fight
For freedom of speech my Inalienable Write

By LukeCoomer ©



  • Louis Gibbs

    Strong and well stated thoughts, Luke! Fortunately we all, in this country, have the right to speak and write our on version of truths. Thanks for sharing yours with us!

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