Frank Prem

crossroads to new day



this one runs


to the far off Never


dim your light

close your eyes

so they can adjust

then look

you can see that its colour

is ebony black


that one there

is blocked and caved

and broken


I can’t say

what trouble might lie



behind us

you know there’s nothing

for long miles


but night-time


that’s where we live


where we have always



the fourth way runs down

I think it could go

straight to hell


no one

has returned

from that road



so take the straight way


to that black horizon


if you go far enough

and if you last

so long


if you do not mistake

the darkness

for your death


there’s a place I’ve heard

when the whispers

carry long

in the tunnels


a place

where the black

does not reach out

to kiss everything


what I heard

once or twice

is that they call that place

New Day




  • Goldfinch60

    Good write, the 'New Day' is always filled with light.

    • Frank Prem

      It is indeed, GF. Thank you.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thankfully every day is a new day is a new day and I welcome them all - super write Frank

      • Frank Prem

        Thanks Michael. Every new one is a good one.

      • Louis Gibbs

        "New day"... there is always the hope it brings, isn't there. Thanks for gifting us with this fine poem, Frank!

        • Frank Prem

          You're very welcome, Louis. Cheers.

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